Academic Enhancement

Neurofeedback has been linked to improving academic enhancement and academic success in students. It is effective for students of all ages from children to college and graduate level students. 

What is Academic Enhancement?

The goal of academic enhancement is to help students achieve academic success. Utilizing techniques and enhancing the brain’s natural function nurtures the abilities and potentials of students. 

How can Neurofeedback Help Academic Success?

Neurofeedback for academic enhancement is beneficial for children and teens. Younger students benefit from neurofeedback therapy sessions to strengthen and enhance brain development. Older students benefit from neurofeedback therapy sessions by keeping the brain strong and healthy to prevent the decline of memory and other executive functions critical to success academically. 

Increased Attention & Focus: Being a good student relies heavily on being able to focus and pay attention during class. Neurofeedback helps improve attention and focus. Neurofeedback improves the brains ability to maintain attention and focus for longer periods of time. Neurofeedback is especially useful for students struggling with ADHD, as neurofeedback it minimizes the possibility of distraction.

Improved Memory: Neurofeedback also has the ability to enhance the brain’s ability to absorb and hold information for easier recall. This helps students academically excel, as memorization is an important part of student success. 

Anxiety Reduction & Mood Improvement: Anxiety and the stresses of life outside of school can weigh on a child. Neurofeedback can be used to lower a person’s anxiety and balance mood issues that could have a negative impact on school performance. When the brain is functioning calmly and effectively, it has the ability to help set students up for success.

Neurofeedback can be an effective tool to enhancing academic performance. If you or your child is struggling to learn or do their best in school, please contact Dr. Connie McReynolds for more information.

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