Neurofeedback Testimonials: The brain has the incredible, inherent ability to self correct. Neurofeedback training is designed to provide the brain the information it needs to make adjustments. Morningstar has provided testimonials below from client’s that have received Neurofeedback Therapy.

Anxiety-Depression Neurofeedback Testimonial

“I can’t say Neurofeedback treatments gave me my life back, because I’d never had life. It instead has given me a life I never thought was possible, full of emotion and joy, rich and fulfilling. My mind after Neuro has the ability to process and understand so much better. There is clarity instead of noise. I can concentrate. I can think about a problem, situation, whatever, and reason it through. I am not constantly having recurring thoughts.”

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Autism Spectrum Disorder Neurofeedback Testimonial
Autism Spectrum Disorder

“I have been bringing my son, Jonathan, for 20 sessions now and the change in him is so impressive. Jonathan has Autism Spectrum Disorder. We had been trying for Jon to pass his written driver’s license test but he wasn’t able to pass.  Thankfully, after neurofeedback he was able to pass and is so excited.”

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ADHD Child Neurofeedback Testimonial
Children ADHD/ADD

“In the year since her last assessment she has maintained her successful scores. Her visual processing scores are amazing. There was one area found that they will be working on to help her to be able to focus better in school. Dr. McReynolds gave me support and encouragement that once again left me hopeful for my youngest daughter’s success.”

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PTSD Neurofeedback Testimonial

“It was around 20 to 25 sessions into the program that I noticed that I was smiling more often, the intensity of my facial expressions and the tension I felt all the time began to subside. I would catch myself just genuinely enjoying whatever it was I was doing, my outlook on life and the future improved as did my ability to sit still and just read a book. I used to drink beer or wine in the evenings to relieve stress and now I don’t even feel the urge to have a drink”

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Graduate Student

“I can feel the calmness, concentrate better and have little anxiety. The Neurofeedback works. I wish I had gotten the help sooner, but it’s never too late. I really appreciate the opportunity to go through the process. Thanks again.”

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